Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peacock Costume

I love to make my children their Halloween costumes, so I was super excited when Hannah agreed to be a peacock this year. I knew that I was going to be a peacock for an adult party, so I figured I could get use of the feathers I bought in bulk if Hannah agreed. Here is a sneak peek at her costume. I plan to post a tutorial on how I made my costume in a couple of weeks. I searched and searched the web for ideas and instructions on how to make the costume is somewhat limited. Happy Halloween!

Click here for Child's Peacock Costume Tutorial 

Hannah and I coordinated our costumes this year, so I decided to add in a few pictures of my costume. I searched everywhere for a black corset that was not crazy expensive, and it was impossible to find one that fit me properly.  My original plan was a corset and tutu combo. So I switched gears and up-cycled a black strapless dress on hand that I never wore. I sewed on some peacock tape along the bottom and clipped on an embellishment that I hot glued together. The tail is constructed the same way as the child tail in my tutorial above.  It wrapped around my waist and tied in the front. I then used some cheap wet and wild eyeliner pencils for my eye make up.


  1. You said that you purchased your feathers from The site says it typically doesn't sell to consumers such as myself, but rather established businesses. How did you get these feathers and were they extremely expensive?

  2. Hi. I have a business license for my craft/sewing/embroidery biz and i applied for a wholesale account with them. They were not over the top expensive with the wholesale pricing. I think I spent under a $100 for all the supplies I ordered and was able to make my costume and my daughter's costume. You might want to check out craigslist and local farms. They often sell feathers but they will be natural not dyed.

  3. I love the costumes!!!!!!!!!!! how much do u charge to sew a girls sz 8-10? thanks

    1. Hi Jan, unfortunately I am not making costumes to sell. Just wanted to share my tutorial as inspiration for crafty folks out there! Happy Halloween